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Land Use Documents

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Or 01-2017 Special Use Permit for Gilberts Elementary School Expansion [PDF]

Or 02-2017 Site Plan Approval Dunkin Donuts 315 E Higgins Rd [PDF]

Or 04-2017 First Amendment to the Annexation and Development Agreement Conservancy Development [PDF]

Or 07-2017 Updating the Official Zoning Map of the Village of Gilberts [PDF]

Or 09-2017 an Ordinance renaming certain streets within the Village of Gilberts [PDF]

Or 12-2017 Special Use Permit Sign Variations for LED Monument Signs 315 E Higgins Road [PDF]

Or 13-2017 site plan amendment Dunkin Donuts 315 E. Higgins Rd [PDF]

Or 16-2017 an Ordinance amending the Village code regarding driveway approaches [PDF]

Or 17-2017 an Ordinance proposing the establishment of SSA 25 [PDF]

Or 18-2017 an Ordinance approving and Final Plant and Final PUD Plans for Phase 2A-1 of the Conservancy Development does not include final plat and engineering plans contact the Village Clerk if you need copies [PDF]

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